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Latest updates, as of March 23, 2001:

  • Even the most intrepid of travelers tire of sight-seeing and train-hopping after twelve months.  We spent our last month in Bali immersed in total relaxation and local culture.  Read about it, plus our return to the States, in What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been.
  • Believe it or not, some people missed us while we were gone!  Check out the never-before-seen footage of our wacky return to Atlanta party at Home Again.
  • Bali will forever be indelibly imprinted on our minds and hearts.  Read why in Carmen Miranda Goes to Bali.
  • The final tally: Ninety-five beers drunk, seventy-five books read.  Don't try to draw any conclusions from that, just check the latest additions at Beers We've Drunk and Books We've Read.

Latest updates, as of January 19, 2001: 

  • How'dya like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island?  That's what we did, after successfully bribing a customs agent to get into Bali.
  • Our friends Sha and Andre' joined us for twelve days of fun and frolicking in Bali, and we only had to go to the emergency room once.  Read about it in 2001: A Gutter Odyssey.
  • We were completely UNDERWHELMED by the response to the last Randy bulletin.  People, we have a situation here.  This thing could get as big as the Lindbergh baby case, and yet you all sit, waiting for the Superbowl.  If you can live with yourselves, fine.  Go ahead.  If not, click here to find out how Greenman may be involved in the greatest organized crime caper since Scarface.
  • Finally: the results are in on the LST T-Shirt Giveaway Extravaganza of the Millennium.  Find out where to send your congratulations by clicking here.
  • Whip up a little Indonesian food to kick off the New Year, plus find out what new Beers We've Had, see our latest pictures in Images from the Road and check out what Books We've Read

Latest updates, as of December 18, 2000:

  • The whole dimpled vs. hanging chad debate left us in serious need of some beach time, so we headed to the islands of Thailand to regain our peace of mind.  Check out the reviews in The Beach
  • Surviving a suspected case of beard lice, finding the perfect town in the hills, nearly killing ourselves on a trek and then reflecting on what it all meant in a 3 day meditation course - it's all part of the story in Pai in the Sky
  • In case you think its all fun and games out here, Travel Challenges lets us know of the sweat and turmoil we go through in order to bring you the truth.  Latest updates now posted.
  • Thailand has amazing food, but you probably already knew that.  We've put a couple of new Recipes up, plus there's updates to Beers We've Had, Images from the Road and Books We've Read
  • Read our impressions of Nepal and Thailand in The National Sound and Same Same, But Different.
  • Thousands of emails from worried readers have been coming in, wondering what has happened to Randy.  At last, some clues surface in The Adventures of Randy.

Latest updates, as of November 2, 2000:

Latest updates, as of October 9, 2000:

Latest updates, as of September 18, 2000:

  • It's times like these, when I experience first-hand the type of intense pain computers inflict on people, that I want to leave the business.   Our computer's back, but not our hard drive, however - that doesn't stop us from bringing you the story of four weeks spent indulging in fun and sun on the Greek Isles in Islands of Pleasure and No One is an Island.
  • We've been in India for four weeks, and this amazing country continues to baffle and delight us.  Read about what has fascinated us in Red Dots All Over.
  • You may have noticed that we like the beach.  You also may not have known that there are stunning beaches in India, but we found them, and we'll tell you about it in Paradise Found.
  • Wiley's at it again, and this time his topic is that most sacred of sacred cows, the war against drugs.  Delve deep with him as he explores America's longest declared war in Illicit Practices..
  • Like always, we continue to drink beer, take pictures, and read books.  Check out the latest in Beers We've Had, Images from the Road and Books We've Read.
  • Greece is a lot like America, but we've got some Lasting Impressions of the place.

Latest updates, as of August 5, 2000:

  • We participated in a cultural exchange program during the hottest part of the year in the hottest part of Turkey.  Besides avoiding heat exhaustion, we met a lot of nice people.  Read about our tales in Cultural Differences and Home on the Range.
  • The official monkey of the Long's Strange Trip finally earns his keep by filing an in-depth report on the State of the Trip as of six months on road.  He's no Hunter S. Thompson, but the questions are probing and insightful.
  • The official Deep Thinker of the Long's Strange Trip weighs in with his thoughts on the death penalty.  Guaranteed to stir up controversy, his thoughts are the latest installment in Meandering Thoughts in Crime and Punishment.
  • The flood gates have opened!  Despite the fact that Turkey is a Muslim country, these folks like their beer, and we've made quite a few updates to Beers We've Had.
  • And, of course, as you'd expect, we're still reading and taking pictures.  Check out the updates to Images from the Road and Books We've Read.

Latest updates, as of July 20, 2000:

  • Hop on and hop off - seeing the western part of Turkey on a bus with our fellow travelers in All Aboard!
  • Updates to all of our continuing features, including Images from the Road, Books We've Read, and new Recipes for Eggplant Kebab and Turkish Coffee.
  • Voting has ended in The Great Haircut Debate, and let's just say that the result rivals Ronald Regan's landslide defeat of Walter Mondale.

Latest updates, as of June 26, 2000:

  • Ten days in Istanbul, and you STILL can't see it all.  An amazing and beautiful city, where the beer is cold, the food is delicious, you can get a good body scrub for $15, and the sites are spectacular.  Check out what we've seen in Fat Cats in Istanbul.
  • Updates to all of our continuing features, including Images from the Road, Books We've Read, and Beers We've Had.
  • As they say in the good ole' US of A, you can't complain if you don't vote.  You've got one more week to make your voice heard, so cast your vote in  The Great Haircut Debate.  Included are comments from our witty friends around the world...

Latest updates, as of June 16, 2000:

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Latest updates, as of May 10, 2000:

Latest updates, as of April 4, 2000:

Latest updates, as of March 26, 2000:

  • Stories and pictures from our time spent traveling around Mexico in Wanderings Through Mexico
  • Great photos from Machu Picchu, plus detailed information about our stay in Cusco, Peru, and our 4 day hike on the Camino Inca in Inca Trails
  • Our newest feature, Meandering Thoughts, containing commentary on topics we're talking about
  • The Adventures of Randy, the story of a humble monkey from Marietta who takes off for the ride of a lifetime, never to be the same again

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