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1/19/01 EMERGENCY Report

Submitted for your consideration...the story of Randy, a mild-mannered Marietta monkey, contentedly living a mundane, sedate suburban lifestyle on the outskirts of Atlanta with everything a monkey could want.


And yet one cold winter day, in February 2000, Randy left his comfortable lifestyle.  In the middle of the night he ventured out in the world, in search of greater things.   This small, plastic, uneducated monkey went out to change the world, from fighting for rebel causes, to spreading the truth among the masses.   Today he is widely loved, and his popularity rivals that of L. Ron Hubbard. And today, he is missing.

His father Dan, is distraught.   The Father "Oh for cryin' out loud.  All he had to do was fetch beers whenever someone called out 'Randy'.  Why did he ever leave?"

Three nefarious individuals Randy was known to keep company with (not to be confused with well-known TV characters Gopher, Gomer, and Goober) are pictured here.    

It's also been said Randy had aroused the wrath of Roswell-based mobster "Greenman"  (shown here in a recent FBI file photo with a business associate who made the mistake of crossing him). Dad and bennet.jpg (24588 bytes)  

Or did the CIA somehow surreptitiously implant a probe into Randy's brain, as they did to this poor sap (photo taken from Bellvue Psychiatric Hospital archives).  dead mac.jpg (15323 bytes)

Did Randy mysteriously fall into some Bermuda Triangle of SE Asia?  Has he been transported into another dimension, or perhaps abducted by an alien race, (as in this AP photo of a young Moroccan man being abducted by one of these heinous creatures.)  bob_and_dan.jpg (364172 bytes) 

 Or has his consciousness reached such a high level that he has simply vibrated into the ether in a state of bliss, as many of his followers claim?

Can you help?  If anyone has seen Randy, or has information as to his whereabouts, please contact the Cobb County sheriff's office, or contact us here at


We're not coming home without finishing this fascinating tale.  Only you can prevent us from staying in Bali forever.  

Send any information or ideas to us here.  (Maybe your name will be drawn for a Bali souvenir if you're lucky).


12/17/00  Special Report

One of the things you don't want to be burdened with when traveling is a needy travel companion, someone who's hand you have to hold, who always wants to know what the plan is, or someone who gets too nervous when the price of the accommodations falls below $5 per night.  Fortunately, Randy is not one of those types.  Randy has been with us since the very beginning of the trip, and has never been hesitant to go his own direction when the winds of fate gave him a tug or nudge. 

Nevertheless, being such long-time travel companions has caused us to grow close to our traveling monkey friend.   So we are quite distressed that we have not seen him since August 20.  

We were in a fretful state.  chillin' with a cold beer.JPG (63510 bytes) 

As a matter of fact, it was all we could think about. this is the stuff!.JPG (58528 bytes)


We searched for Randy in all the likely places.  elian smokes opium.JPG (61203 bytes) 


One day, a clue showed up.  tattoo closeup.JPG (47733 bytes)  But what did it mean?


 dumbo!.JPG (60183 bytes) Dumbo didn't know.



So what could have happened to Randy?  Where was he all during India and Nepal?  Was he meditating at the temple?  Had he reached Buddha-hood  ?    reclining buddha at wat chedi luang.JPG (60744 bytes) 

Or had his search for truth and enlightenment ended fruitless and frustrated.  Was he instead, headed for Hollywood  ? 

Well dear readers, our intriguing and heart-wrenching tale is not over yet, though the final chapters draw near.  Where is Randy now?  Has he found his true self, and does he know what he wants to do when he grows up?  Or will he forever travel the world, in a desperately unfulfilling search for love and adventure ?

Only Randy can give us the answers to these, and many more questions.  Please help us find him.  He was last seen somewhere in Southeast Asia.  An alert reader sent in the only known photo of Randy since sometime in August.  If you have seen anyone matching his description (driver's license records describe him has a small plastic monkey), please email us immediately.

                                Last known sighting

 Also beware, Randy is a master of disguise!

Feb, 2000.  Our tale begins...Randy starts his trip with a week at Playa del Carmen

Here are chronicled the grand adventures of Randy, and his wild travels as he searches for truth, meaning, and good times throughout the world. 

Our tale begins in the small hamlet of Marietta, Georgia, where Randy lives a quiet existence on a friendly cul-de-sac, spending his time fetching beers for his parents, Dan and Therese Clark.  But something is missing.  Is this all there is to life?  Where is the meaning?  Where is the gusto?  Randy yearns for something more....a cause...a purpose...

So in the middle of the night, during a full moon, Randy quietly slips out of the house, and takes off for places unknown. 

Randy and his new friend, Marcos

It doesn't take long for Randy to make a new friend, Zapatista revolutionary Marcos Garcia.  After meeting at a local cantina and downing several tequilas, Marcos explains the Zapatista cause to Randy, and Randy is moved.

Randy and his hero

Randy adopts a new look, and heads to the birthplace of the Zapatista movement, Chiapas Mexico.

Randy in coca leaves

Randy experiments with new religions and local stimulants as he continues his travels south to Peru.


Having some tequila with his new girlfriend, Pachamama.

Travel can bring about changes, as one has new experiences, new ideas, and sees new cultures and different ways of being.  It makes one think. 

Randy's back!  His Zapatista activities bringing the unwanted attention of the South American authorities, Randy has been keeping an extremely low profile this month.  In fact, we didn't even know where he was, until he reemerged in a little town in northern Morocco, disguised as a Boras Indian woman.  We show his picture here only in profile, so that the authorities will not be able to track him down and arrest him. 

Randy at the the Gate of Diocletian, Philae Temple Randy poses at the Gate of Diocletian at Philae Temple in Aswan.

From the heights of Mt. Sinai  Like Moses before him, Randy brings the law to his people from Mt. Sinai.

What's your sign, baby?  Randy met this babe, also known as the goddess Nut, at the Medinat Habu in Aswan.  Can stone and monkey find true love?

Randy, live at the Acropolis  The last time we saw Randy was in Athens.  He had a whirlwind courtship with Paula, who proceeded to break his heart by returning to Atlanta and leaving him high and dry, minus his "chi".  Is Paula just using Randy?  As we left the city, Randy was hanging desolately from a gazebo at a local park, inconsolable.  Will Randy ever recover?




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