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Horny Communication

(wpl)  Iíve calculated that by the time we leave Egypt, we will have heard a car or bus horn honk over 100,000 times. Iím dead serious. And most of them are way louder than you would expect. I think culture shock is hitting us, because we just donít like it, and we just donít get it.

You hear them all the time in Egypt. While standing on the balcony one night in Aswan, I counted 100 honks in a 5-minute period. This was at 11:00 on a Tuesday night in a not very big town.

Actually, we have been trying to figure out why they honk so much, and weíve come up with some theories. It seems that using a horn is just considered the polite thing to do. As in, - Just wanted to let you know Iím coming through, so you donít step out in the street and get run over. When a car is barreling down a street with a lot of pedestrians (and that seems to be most streets) the honking often comes in rapid, short rhythmic beats.

Thereís the honk from the Taxi -Do you want a ride? Thereís the second, longer honk from the taxi when the first honk is ignored -HEY, I SAID, DO YOU WANT A RIDE? Some honks are to say hello to a friend, some to say hey babe to a babe. Of course, there is the long, lay-on-the-horn -M And finally, thereís the ever popular -CHECK OUT HOW LOUD MY HORN IS!!

(Hoped you liked the title) 



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