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Same same, but different


Lasting Impressions of...


  • When you ask a Thai who speaks English is something is like something else, many of them will inevitably say, "Same-same, but different", whatever that means.

  • Thai people seem to like to frame puzzles that they've worked and preserved.  We've seen them all over, in people's homes, hotel rooms, and restaurants.   

  • Everywhere we went in Thailand, there were tons of tourists.  We had no problem speaking English in 99% of the situations we were in.

  • After being in India and Nepal we were bowled over by the level of affluence in Thailand.  It's unlike any country we've been in, with the exception of Spain.  For the first time in months we have felt close to home, even though we've never been farther away.

  • Stores selling giant golden Buddha statues.  Don't know who buys those...

  • The food is, in a word, ASTOUNDING.  From the smallest snack bought from a street vendor to the most elaborate restaurant meal, Thai food is absolutely, unequivocally delicious.

  • Coconuts - coconut palms, coconut drinks, coconut curry, coconut milk.

  • Bungalows on stilts with thatched roofs.

  • 75% of bars have young, attractive women hanging out in them.  Their purpose in being their is to meet a foreign man with whom they will get acquainted, and then provide him with companionship during his time in Thailand in exchange for money.  Being a "bar girl" is not looked down upon in this society - it's looked at as a way to make a better living than what would normally be possible working in a shop.








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