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Lasting Impressions of...


  • All around the Greek Isles, we saw tiny, brightly-painted wooden boats anchored in the harbors, that barely looked big enough for one person to squeeze aboard.
  • Everyone in the Greek Isles seemed to have a scooter.
  • Typical Greek architecture: houses made of stucco, with flat roofs, white-washed with blue trimmed windows and doors.
  • Ouzo, the national beverage of Greece, is consumed everywhere.  It's potent, and tastes like licorice, which seems to be a favorite taste in many places in this part of the world.
  • Like in other places in Europe, no one can queue.  Often when standing in line, people will barge right past you in order to get what they want faster.
  • Definitely, the most expensive place we've been, although not as expensive as home.
  • Beers, shooters, bars, breasts, ferries.


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