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A little something about us...

How did we get here?  To the point where we've quit our jobs, sold our house, said "so long!" to our families and friends, and put our beloved cats up with their aunt for a year?  Yeah, it seems odd, but it had to happen sooner or later...

Saying "I do" - again!Our names are Wiley and Christie Long, and we've been married for ten years.  That's us in Jamaica renewing our wedding vows on our tenth anniversary in August 1999.  We started our life together with a month-long honeymoon in Europe, and we've never been the same since.

Enjoying the canals of AmsterdamDuring that month, we traveled through eleven European countries, spending time in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Holland, and England.  We discovered that we had an appetite for learning about and seeing the way people worship, celebrate, monumentalize, govern, and socialize the world over. Christie and Wiley on the Spanish Steps in Rome

We came back to Atlanta and pursued our careers in earnest.  Christie has been in the Information Technology industry in various capacities, most recently as a Systems Engineer at Informix Software.  Wiley started and built a successful health insurance business.   During those years we worked hard and played hard.  Playing including indulging our passion for travel again and again.  We've made some incredible trips over the years, including Moscow and St. Petersburg during the first years of Glasnost, the Big Island, Maui, and Kauai in Hawaii, the Honduran rainforest, the American Rockies and the Grand Tetons, the Desert Southwest, and back to Europe to England, Paris, Scotland, and Spain.  On each trip we had incredible experiences, saw amazing sites, and met wonderful people.  Making new friends in the Honduran rainforest

Despite our need to pay the bills and earn a living, we found plenty of ways to keep ourselves busy with extracurricular activities.  We've done quite a bit of backpacking, enjoyed snow-skiing and snow boarding, biked down an active volcano, soaked in the tunes at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival for nine straight years, gone hang gliding, scuba diving, tree-climbing, bungee-jumping, and white-water rafting, canoed the Okenfenokee, hiked into and out of the Grand Canyon, and run a marathon.   We're not trying to brag or make anybody envious - we're just trying help you understand just how far we'll go to find adventure and good times.

We often dreamed of extended travel, of a chance to really get to know places and people, but it remained just that - a dream.  We always returned home to Atlanta after no more than 2 weeks to continue working hard at advancing in our careers.

After thirteen years in the insurance business, Wiley longed to do more with his life, and he began exploring a career in longevity and health.  He has always been interested in how supplements, diet, and exercise, and stress-reduction techniques can enhance health and quality of life.  After much soul-searching, he decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in naturopathy.  

Once this decision had been made, we began thinking, "If not now, when?".  What better time to take a year off from daily responsibilities and do the kind of intensive traveling we've always dreamed of?   We've always believed that seeing the world makes us both feel truly free.

And so it began... Our Long's Strange Trip.  Starting in February of 2000, we will begin our travels, starting in South America and ending up some where in Europe or Africa, approximately 12 months and thousands of miles later, before heading back to Atlanta, a year older and probably much changed. 




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