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Lasting Impressions of...


  • Mestizo women wearing large, white plastic tophats under which long black, shiny braids hung, sometimes tied together with ribbon, and multiple voluminous skirts

  • Early 70's model Dodge taxis, souped-up and packed with at least eight people, belching noxious leaded-gasoline exhaust

  • Women toting loads of stuff (babies, groceries, etc.) on their backs tied on with mantas, or colorful blankets

  • Bicycles loaded down with huge piles of bright green guinea pig fodder

  • Signs urging people to vote for Fujimori, and signs urging death for Fujimori

  • Young kids selling cigarettes, candy, and postcards on the street (also presumably where they live)

  • Red plastic bags hung on poles and put outside the windows of small drinking establishments indicating the days when the local corn brew, chicha, was available

  • Bars competing furiously for the tourist dollar, including showing recent movies for free

  • Incanissmo, the revival of interest and pride in the Inca culture by the people of Peru

  • Lots and lots of dogs, roaming the streets purposefully, as it they had an appointment

  • Aggressive restaurant employees shoving menus in your face and then reading them to you, in hopes of convincing you to each at their establishment

  • Bad local TV, including a variety show that came on at lunchtime that featured one really horrible entertainer for most of one hour

  • Fast, cheap Internet connections