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Lasting Impressions of...


  • One night we saw a five-year-old kid turning cartwheels across six lanes of traffic in downtown Mexico City, for tips just before midnight.
  • Mexico seems to want to be America.  Mexicans seem to have lost pride in their heritage and their land.  We rode a bus from San Cristobal de las Casas to Tuxla-Guteirrez, and the amount of clear-cutting and trash-dumping is depressing. 
  • In front of every bank, there are machine gun-toting guards, at least three.
  • Mangos - they're served two ways.  You can get them slightly green, peeled and sliced with a squeeze of lime juice, sprinkled with salt and ground chili pepper, or perfectly ripen peeled and cut to resemble a pine cone on a stick.  Delicious!
  • Fresh fruit salads on the streets - oranges, coconut, mango, apples, pineapples, etc., freshly prepared.


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