the Long's Strange Trip

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Questing into the unknown...
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Portals of the World

Cusco, Peru    Inca Trail, Peru   Granada, Spain    Granada, Spain    Ahambra , Granada

Chaouen, Morocco    Meknes, Morocco    Heri es-Souni, Meknes, Morocco    Fes, Morocco    Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca

Luxor Temple, Egypt    Doorway on the Sea of Marmara    Fez friends in the aqueducts at Pergamum - Turkey    Roman archway at Ephesus    Cappadocia chapel archways, Turkey

Natural doorway, Cappadocia, Turkey    God shines a ray of sunshine, cathedral in the rock, Cappadocia, Turkey   on a pedestal, as always.jpg (81119 bytes) The Vols - number 1 at Ellora    Stayin' alive at the Maharaja's palace

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