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Travel Resources

Here are some names of specific books that we consulting when planning our trip.  Each book listing is a link, and if you click on the link, you'll be redirected to, and to the exact listing for the book.  The same goes for the CD's listed below the books.  the Long's Strange Trip is an associate, so each time you click into from our site and buy something, we get a 15% kickback!

The People's Guide to Mexico, by Carl Franz
This is a great book for a general introduction to traveling Mexico.  It includes alot of information about getting around by car, which may not be what you're looking to do, but it's got a good general overview of the main towns and cities.

The Frugal Globetrotter, by Bruce T. Northam
This guy went to college with a friend of ours, and has put together a nice book on bargain travel, with information on everything from being an air courier to off-beat adventure travel companies.

Alternative Travel Directory
If you're interested in getting a job, participating in volunteer activities, or studying in a foreign school, this is the book for you.

In Search of Adventure: A Wild Travel Anthology, written and compiled by Bruce Northam and Brad Olsen
Here's Bruce Northam again, this time working with wild traveler Brad Olsen.  They've compiled stories from other traveler's with their own tales to produce this bizarre book.  

World Stompers: A Guide to Travel Manifesto, by Brad Olsen
After he graduated from college, Brad Olsen went to Japan, taught English for a year, then used the money he had saved doing that to travel around the world for three years.   He calls it his "World Stomp", and he's built a whole mystique around budget do-it-yourself adventure.  It's not everybody's preferred mode of travel, but it damn sure is interesting.  He's also pretty good at illustrations, and he includes a handy map of each area, complete with pot leafs, symbolizing the best party locations, for those who are interested...

Egypt Guide, by John J. Bentley, IV for Open Road Publishing
This is a well-written narrative on travel throughout Egypt, from Cairo to the western desert oases.

The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World, by Edward Hasbrouck
Edward Hasbrouck is a travel agent who specializes in round-the-world travel.  If you spend anytime talking to your local travel agent about your round-the-world trip plans, you will realize just how unique he is.  He covers all types of topics, including political situations, customs, RTW airline travel, visa requirements, and health precautions.  This is a great all-around resource.

NetTravel: How Travelers Use the Internet, by Michael Shapiro
This book is a good collection of all types of travel sites on the web.  If you're pretty savvy with search engines, you could probably find all of these and more yourself, but it's a good place to start.

Sacred Places: 101 Spiritual Sites Around the World, by Brad Olsen
Here's Brad Olsen again.  The guy is prolific.  This book is a very general overview of sacred places all over the world.  Some interesting history.

Insight Guide to South America
This is a nice general guidebook to the huge continent that is South America. 

Sacred India
This beautiful picture book was written by several Lonely Planet writers.  It's a wonderful introduction to the four main religions of India (Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, and Buddhism), plus several smaller ones, such as Christianity, Judaism, and tribal religions.  

The World Awaits: A Comprehensive Guide to Extended Backpack Travel, by Paul Otteson
Here's another guide from a seasoned expert.  Includes such tips as getting a dental checkup before you go and tearing only the pages you need out of your huge guidebooks.

Wild Planet! 1,001 Extraordinary Events for the Inspired Traveler, by Tom Clynes
This book is so cool!  It lists major festivals and parties around the world, and gives approximate dates (as some vary year-to-year).  You'll want this so you can both plan to be in certain places for certain festivals (i.e., we're hoping to be in Morocco for the International Sacred Music Festival), and plan to AVOID certain places if a crush of humanity will be there during a certain time.

Let's Go India & Nepal
If you feel that you need to go budget, even in India and Nepal, then this is the book for you. 

Lonely Planet's Bali & Lombok
Lonely Planet does a nice job of covering all the aspects of a place - history, people, culture, and current political and environmental issues.

Music:  We had some great tunes recorded on mini-disc by the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Buffet, Santana, Bare Naked Ladies, Counting Crows, Grateful Dead, Indigo Girls, Ben Harper, Semisonic, Muddy Waters, and more.  Those all got left on a park bench in Morocco.  It's been tough to find any prerecorded minidiscs, so as I write this we're tune-less.




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